Bathroom flooring: Which products are best?

Bathroom flooring: Which products are best?

When you have a big bathroom remodel and shop for new floors, you want to choose a floor resistant to high moisture. Unfortunately, selecting products like carpet or laminate wouldn't be a good idea since they aren't always made for high moisture environments.

Choosing a floor for high moisture areas is a good idea. Floors that are highly water and moisture resistant, and can even be waterproof, can include porcelain tile and vinyl flooring.

Choosing a floor for durability and longevity

Porcelain tiles and vinyl flooring are both good options for bathroom floors. They are both durable options that also offer longevity.

Porcelain tiles that are often used as new floors in bathrooms because they are virtually waterproof, easy to maintain, and don't require much extra protection. Likewise, vinyl flooring can require very little added security, such as just placing a bathmat outside the tub.

Picking your style

Choosing the perfect style is about considering your requirements. And the more you know about each material, the better you can meet your needs.

Both porcelain tiles and vinyl flooring can supply what you need, based on your style and the flooring company you choose. If you decide on porcelain tile, you can match the walls of your shower to your flooring.

You can use vinyl floors if you want to change things up and not have your floors and shower match. Vinyl floors have very versatile designs and can resemble hardwood or can resemble tile as well.

Choosing your new bathroom flooring

We specialize in porcelain tiles and vinyl flooring at Stevens Floor Coverings. We have over 500 options for porcelain tiles and thousands of options for vinyl.

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